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Pain Management treatments at California Neurosurgical Institute
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As many as 20% of adults in the United States suffer from chronic pain, which can affect physical and mental health.

If you have chronic pain that isn’t getting better, the board-certified neurosurgeons at California Neurosurgical Institute, with offices in Bakersfield, Encino, and Valencia, California, specialize in the surgical management of many pain conditions.

To see what pain management solutions they may have for your chronic pain, call your nearest office or request an appointment online.

Pain Managment Q & A

Who benefits from pain management?

The neurosurgery team at California Neurosurgical Institute specializes in the treatment of pain conditions that involve the spine, brain, and peripheral nerves.

You may benefit from pain management if you suffer from:

Back pain
Many people experience back pain at some point during their life. For most people, back pain is an acute condition that resolves within a few days or weeks.

However, for some people, back pain can be chronic and debilitating, and finding an effective treatment to manage the pain can be frustrating.

Sciatica is a type of nerve compression that develops when the sciatic nerve root is pinched or irritated, usually by a herniated disc or bone spur, and is a very common pain condition.

Your sciatic nerve runs from your lumbar spine to your buttocks and into your legs on both sides of your body. When compressed, the sciatic nerve causes symptoms such as burning, tingling, or weakness that radiates into your leg, usually on one side of your body.

Peripheral nerve conditions
The neurosurgical team provides treatment options for peripheral nerve conditions that result in pain, such as trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm, and Glossopharyngeal neuralgia.

California Neurosurgical Institute also has surgical options for Chiari malformation, which is a congenital condition that affects the back of the brain and causes headaches.

Conservative treatments are often effective in helping people who have these types of chronic pain conditions, but some patients continue to suffer long-term pain despite ongoing treatment.

If noninvasive approaches aren’t working for you, the California Neurosurgical Institute team offers expert surgical solutions to manage pain.

What are surgical pain management treatments?

The experienced team at California Neurosurgical Institute takes a patient-centered approach to care, and you can expect a compassionate and comprehensive evaluation. 

The neurosurgical team understands the toll chronic pain takes on your physical and mental health, and they review your best surgical treatment options to help you get relief.

California Neurosurgical Institute offers many minimally invasive surgical procedures to help you get relief from your pain. Some of the surgical pain management treatments include:

  • Artificial disc replacement
  • Decompression surgery
  • Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion
  • Spinal decompression (laminotomy or laminectomy)

The team performs many of these surgical procedures on an outpatient basis and they usually require very little downtime. The type of surgery best suited for you depends on the cause and severity of your pain and your overall health. 

The team also takes the time needed to provide a clear description of your surgical treatment options so you can make the most informed decision about how best to proceed.

If they feel alternatives to surgery would be appropriate for you, they can refer you to a specialist colleague for non-surgical pain management services.

To schedule an appointment to discuss pain management options, call your nearest pain management provider
or make a request with them for an online appointment.

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