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Nerve Compression Treatments and surgery at California Neurosurgical Institute
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Nerve compression can affect nerve function and lead to pain, numbness, or tingling.

While nerve compression may resolve on its own with rest and conservative care, surgery is sometimes needed to relieve the pressure and symptoms.

The experienced board-certified neurosurgeons at California Neurosurgical Institute, with offices in Bakersfield, Encino, and Valencia, California, utilize cutting-edge tools and skills to treat nerve compression.

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Nerve Compression Q & A

What is nerve compression?

Nerve compression occurs when excess pressure from surrounding tissue pinches, or compresses, a nerve. The compression affects nerve function and may cause pain, tingling, or weakness. 

Nerve compression can occur in many areas of your body, such as your spine, elbow, wrist, or leg. For example, a herniated disc may press on a nerve as it leaves your spinal canal, leading to radiating pain. 

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a nerve compression condition that affects the median nerve as it travels through your wrist.

What are the symptoms of nerve compression?

Nerve compression can cause a range of symptoms, and you may find that your symptoms worsen while you sleep. Symptoms of nerve compression include:

  • Numbness
  • Radiating pain
  • Burning sensation
  • Tingling
    Muscle weakness

Treatment for a compressed nerve may include activity modification, physical therapy, and medication.

If your symptoms continue after several months of conservative treatments, your doctor at California Neurosurgical Institute may recommend surgery to relieve the pressure on the nerve.

What are nerve compression surgeries?

The experienced neurosurgical team at California Neurosurgical Institute performs procedures to the nerves that involve the spine, as well as the nerves outside of the spine, referred to as the peripheral nerves. Some of the nerve compression surgeries performed by the team include:

Decompression of the ulnar nerve
The ulnar nerve is one of the primary nerves in your arm, and compression often occurs at the elbow, a condition referred to as tardy ulnar palsy, causing numbness in your ring and little finger. Decompression of the ulnar nerve is a simple outpatient procedure the neurosurgeons at California Neurosurgical Institute perform and results in an early return to activities.

Decompression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel
Carpal tunnel syndrome refers to the compression of your median nerve through your wrist. There are many surgical treatment options for this common condition. To improve safety and minimize incisions, the team at California Neurosurgical Institute uses a microscope to perform decompression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel.

The experienced surgical team also offers simple outpatient decompression surgeries with a very low risk for treatment of nerve compressions at the
lateral femoral cutaneous nerve and tibial nerve. Minimally invasive spine surgeries are also used to alleviate nerve compression caused by a herniated disc.

To learn more about your surgical options for nerve compression, contact California Neurosurgical Institute by phone or online today.

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